6/5/17 New Building Progress

We made the front page of the local papers last week when Lowe Enterprises submitted a pre-development application letter to the Town of Basalt regarding the Pan and Fork development concept—a project that would include a new and permanent home for the Art Base.

Lowe is proposing to build a 55,000-square foot condominium hotel and a separate 15,000-square foot structure to house the Art Base as well as a restaurant, meeting room, and small retail space. The proposed facilities for the Art Base will feature classrooms, an expanded gallery space, and administrative offices.

In the pre-application letter, Lowe states, “The Art Base site would be dedicated by Lowe to the Art Base organization, with a Lowe financial commitment for a portion of the construction, the balance of construction costs being the obligation of the Art Base.”

The project is poised to create an important and sustainable economic stimulus for historic downtown Basalt. We are very excited about the prospect of working with Lowe Enterprises to build a new home that will allow us to grow and continue to fulfill our mission to foster creative expression for all ages and abilities while we create community vitality through the arts.

We believe the proposal contains the critical elements of compromise, which will hopefully satisfy most participants in our ongoing community debate about the future of the CDC land parcel. We, of course, understand that more will have to be learned about the details of the proposal, but for now this looks like an excellent start.

For questions, or with inquiries regarding how you can show your support, please reach out to

We will be sure to keep you updated as the project progresses.

For more details:


The Art Base wishes to make an investment in Basalt’s historic downtown core and provide a state-of-the-art visual arts facility that will further enhance the Our Town Planning work that is on-going for the community of Basalt and reaches out to the entire valley of residents and tourists alike. The Art Base building will be a cultural anchor for the Town of Basalt and a leading facility for the Basalt River Park, Lions Park and Merino Park—offering new programs to attract both artists and art enthusiasts. This facility is thought to become a win-win for the Town of Basalt, the Art Base and artists from the valley and beyond.

The program concept provides first-class visual arts amenities for community use:

  • High caliber exhibition space for Colorado-based artists!
  • Community classrooms and digital lab!
  • New live-work artist and intern studio apartments!
  • Multi-use courtyard and events space!

To get involved, please contact Genna Moe

We aim to launch a capital campaign in 2017 and are currently working to finalize the best Basalt location for the project.

Building design funded in part by Design Assistance Grant from Community Office for Resource Efficiency.

Pan & Fork Development Concept Rendering
Pan & Fork Development Concept Rendering