For Art Base members, these invite-only events present a unique opportunity to meet the artists in an intimate setting and have a glimpse into their creative mind. Join us as we learn about each artists’ art-making techniques and inspirations. We encourage guests to and ask questions about the artists’ work and process.

Art talks are appropriate for the whole family. The Colorado Creative industries explain that visual and verbal literacy are developed through active experiences with the visual arts that include questioning and dialogue, what it often called “Art Talk.”

Past art talk topics have included: printmaking demonstrations, gallery Q&As, healing with color, the business of art, women in art, and art and education.

The Claudette Carter ARTmentors Program

Friday, May 11, 2018 at the Charles J. Wyly Gallery
Opening: 5-7pm
Art Talk: 6pm

Jaden Costello, Ashlyn Dunn and Anika Chapman, along with their respective mentors, Nancy Lovendahl, Nicole Nagel-Gogolak and Summers Moore will share their program experiences in a short art talk led by Executive Director Genna Moe at 6pm on opening night at the Charles J. Wyly Gallery at the Art Base.

This exhibition is offered through The Claudette Carter ARTmentors Program—founded and directed by working artist Nancy Lovendahl—for high school juniors who are considering a career in the arts.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Good Works Foundation.
This program is generously sponsored by the Ed Bradley Family Foundation and Patricia Blanchet.

Art talk presented by Lissa Ballinger

Thursday, May 17, 5:30pm at the Charles J. Wyly Gallery

Presented by Aspen Institute Curator and art advisor Lissa Ballinger, this members-only art talk will start with a brief introduction of the role that women have traditionally played in the art world—as muse, lover or assistant, and how many women artists gained recognition only because of their intimate relationship with a male artist. The discussion will then turn to critical contemporary issues in the art world and its relationship with women. And, finally, in honor of the effort (supported by institutions such as Wikipedia and The New York Times) to promote female artists that have been overlooked, Ballinger will select several women artists that she feels warrant more exploration and recognition.