Bayard Hollins Art Talk

Annex Exhibition
By Bayard Hollins

So honored to show at The Wyly Annex!

Getting ready for Part II (B-Sides) of my exhibition with work that I wouldn’t ordinarily hang.

Preparing for a show is always a time of experimentation for me, as I am probing any and all crazy ideas that come into my head, looking for a direction that can sustain itself.  This is central to my process. Out of this, there are always certain pieces that I love, that just don’t quite fit into the general theme. I am really excited about the opportunity to shed some light on these, often misunderstood, pieces that usually just get closeted.

I want to have some fun with this “glimpse behind the scenes” of my studio practice. I am hoping to learn more about myself by putting these paintings up and being forced to talk about them next Wednesday. And on top of that, I’m going to throw in a few original songs that I wrote on my ukulele, just to really scare the crap out of myself…yikes! So glad my daughter Samantha will be joining me for some backup singing and a duet!

Thank you Wyly Art Center for allowing me to push myself way outside my comfort zone. Lets Go!


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