Cody Thompson (BHS ‘21)



$20 for an individual Crisis Head

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact for more information.


“Crisis Heads is a project I’ve been working on throughout this mentorship/ internship with Mat. At the beginning of this process Mat and I were having trouble finding my vision, and my voice. The corona virus started to happen and that’s when the wheel started to turn for Mat and I. At first we were talking about sculpture, and figures. I wanted to make Figurines, only to realize that was unrealistic for a newcomer to sculpting. Mat and I refined until we got the heads Idea, first starting from sketching people until the stay at home order came along. My imagination started to take over and I cut the sketching out and went straight to sculpting. I would sculpt people or things that I would see when I was watching the news, or watching tv. I was lacking inspiration and motivation, something clicked then I got my project done.