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One Stitch — Three Book Structures & Slipcase

Gabrielle Fox
April 8-10, 2022
Friday, 5:30-7:30PM
Saturday-Sunday, 10:00-4:00PM
$350, Scholarships Available
No experience necessary, supplies included

A book opened reveals a world each of us interprets individually. The three books we will make in this class begin with several sheets of paper with a simple wrapper sewn around as the outside cover. We will then progress to a book with two gatherings and complete the third book which will have many more pages, but structurally is based on the first thinner book.

The final creation for the weekend’s class will be making a box to house all three together.

The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books written by Gabrielle provides the basic instructions for you to refer to during the class. The fun will be playing with those basic structures to create your own books.

About Gabrielle Fox

Gabrielle Fox is a bookbinder based in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the 1980s she taught throughout England and worked from her studio in Sussex before returning to Ohio in 1990. She travels to care for collections and teach and her work is represented in many public, private and academic libraries. Increasingly her focus is the care and treatment of older books and the creation of unique designed and bound modern volumes. They are usually either very large or very small.

Gabrielle has had three books published: The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books,LARKSPUR PRESS: Forty Years of Making Letterpress Books in a Rural Kentucky Community, The Flowing Spine: A Bookbinding Project Book and produced ten titles in limited editions in miniature.


Yoga and Mood Stabilization Series

Full Series: $225

Drop-in Rate: $80/session


Thursday, December 16, 2pm-5pm
Philosophy of Mood: Awareness and the Yoga Process

In yoga, darshana (view) comes first: we establish our perspective and from there, we set about on our journey of practice. In this session, we’ll weave our understanding of mood from the world of psychology with a definition of embodied awareness from the world of yoga. We’ll alternate between conversation and practice so that we can really ground our roots in this fascinating and subtle territory.

Friday, December 17, 2pm-5pm
Core Practices: Tuning Into Sensation

When we say the word “feeling” what comes to mind? For many of us, it’s a list of emotional states, or the well-worn binary of pain and pleasure. The physical practices of yoga rely on a deep attuning to the body’s primordial feelings: sensations. We’ll talk about what sensation is and why awareness of sensation is so key in the process of mood stabilization. And then we’ll dive into an all-levels practice that embodies the process of increasing sensitivity to the realm of subtle feeling.

Saturday, December 18, 12pm-3pm
Control and Surrender

The yoga practices are teeming with a fundamental tension between control and surrender. In destabilized mood states we tend to apply these practices unconsciously and unskillfully, releasing where we should contain and contracting where we’d benefit from expansion. After a short discussion of some ways this tension appears in the texts and practices of yoga, we’ll enjoy a full-spectrum practice of asana (posture), pranayama (breathwork), mantra (chanting), and samyama (meditative concentration).

About Adam Grossi

I am trained as a visual artist and a yoga teacher, and my work is a combination of creative and therapeutic methods that draw equally on tradition and intuition. On any given week I’m teaching Yoga Classes, co-hosting Tea & Contemplation, and marveling at peoples’ doodles in Drawing Party. In the spaces between public-facing commitments, I am painting, writing, and continuing my studies. Sometimes I make paintings on commission, or take on design projects, but most of the time I’m making the path as I go.

As a yoga practitioner and instructor, I apply frameworks of knowing that I learned in art school, which privilege critical inquiry, self awareness and context-dependent understanding. I’m in the process of understanding the decolonization toolkit as taught by Yoli Maya Yeh and antiracist methodology as taught by Elesa Commerse. Much of the physical technique I share in my yoga classes has been shared with me by Jim Bennitt and James Tennant, who I apprenticed with for many years. If you’d like to learn more about who I study with and how I study, I invite you to explore my Learning Ecology.

In 2002, at age 21, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a psychosis landed me in a mental hospital. I’ve taken a couple trips back to the mental hospital since then. Bipolar disorder has been a defining frame of my adult life, and my gravitation toward deeper yoga practice was initially motivated by a desire for stability. I continue to rely on yoga practices for this foundational support, but my relationship to both mental health and yoga continues to evolve and expand. I’m currently in a process of reclaiming aspects of perception previously only available to me in states of mental health crisis, and inquiring into the distinction between other dimensions of consciousness and psychopathology.

I am a white man of Jewish ethnic matrilineage with an affinity for the nondual spiritual teachings of classical tantra. I have Russian and Romanian ancestry on my mother Paula’s side, and Italian Catholic ancestry from my father John. I consider the expansive work of decolonization to be an elemental feature of my work, and I’m constantly learning how best to support this work given my own embodied identity and the many paradoxes of whiteness. My strategies for study and teaching are informed by antiracist and feminist principles. It is of utmost importance to me that my actions in the world support my vision for the future, and if you ever find my work or actions to be out of alignment with these principles, I welcome you to call me in to the work I intend to do.



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