“Signify” by Charmaine Locke

“Signify”       BLOG   Jan. 22, 2015
Charmaine Locke on exhibit at The Wyly Art Center Annex      

Thinking back to my move to Basalt in 1997, it’s great to be circling back to my origins here, showing new work in a new type of space for Basalt, The Wyly Annex. It has a fresh perspective on exhibiting some underexposed artists in the Roaring Fork Valley, in this case Tai Pomara and myself, both sculptors using different media and methods.

My new sculptures pick up on threads of work that I’ve been doing for 36 years, the human figure as a vehicle to look into the inner life of humans as it relates to the individual experience of living, the interconnectedness to others, and the relationship with their environment. Impact on the environment is referenced in several pieces.

The ease in which we can access the natural landscape, view grandeur at every turn, experience the scents and textures of the forests, but also be where we can live and function in the contemporary world, makes the Roaring Fork Valley a desirable location. We’re still in touch with a more pristine version of nature, but we are already starting to see the impact of our activities.

On the one hand, a serenity and meditative quality exists in a couple of the sculptures, and a subtle sense of alert in others. What will our course of action be? What choices will we make to alter the direction, create a beneficial destiny? There are signs that a reorganization of principles and a reconsideration of strategies to alter the arc and trajectory are occurring. Can art add to the conversation, be an impetus for change? I’ve always believed the answer is yes.


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